Truly Scrumptious reviews for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Truly Scrumptious reviews for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

“Fine-tuned revival is truly scrumptious”

The Guardian - 5 Stars

“A family favourite reinvented…..”

The Stage – 5 Stars

“Get out and get a seat when Chitty comes to a theatre near you…”

The Independent – 5 Stars

“Grandpa Potts is as bombastic and as wonderful as you could hope for”

British  – 5 Stars

“Note perfect singing and thrilling special effects”

Musical Theatre Review – 5 Stars

The outstanding production values only go to further enhance this magical machine – enhancing the already super-slick ensemble of dancers and hugely talented character actors”

Backstage Pass – 5 Stars

“Fabulous family entertainment”

The Times – 4 Stars

“Children will love it for its energy and adults will enjoy a wave of nostalgia, transported back to their childhoods courtesy of a flying car”

The Yorkshire Post – 4 Stars

“Unqualified success”

WhatsOnStage – 4 Stars

“Act English, Boris and Goran’s comical duet, was top draw and absolutely spiffing, and Stephen Mear’s choreography was fantastic”

The Yorkshire Times


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